The bare beginnings

from table and bench

to keyboards, pedalboard and music stand (made by Mister Stand Man)  
( on a plank supported by DVD's

A view from across the room with fabric added on the back of the table

An inverted U support for the Music Stand (DVD's are back on the shelf)
(OrganART Media Bosch/Schnitger sample set on screen)

The enclosure arrives from Creative Woodwork in Biddeford, Maine (Jim Conwell) (207-284-3131) 

(OrganART Media Ducroquet/Cavaille-Coll sample set on screen)

Manhasset Music Stands ( made a special music stand to support the Rocktron All Access Toe Controller at the required angle. This allowed me to experiment to find what that angle was. The lip was made too deep, however (my mistake), so a wooden plank was made to position the toe controller at the edge of the lip.

Creative Woodwork of Biddeford, Maine also made a platform which fits on top of the Classic Midi Works Pedalboard. Although this is on its side in the picture, you will notice the curved front to match the curve on the lip of the Classic Midi Works pedalboard. It is positioned there and screwed into the lip for stability. The legs support the platform in back of the pedalboard. Above the legs on the platform you will notice a "stop" for the Manhasset stand feet so that the stand does not move. A hole was also drilled in the lip of the Manhasset music stand and screwed to the top of the platform for extra stability.

Platform with Music Stand

Toe Controller placed on Music Rack

Manhasset Music Stand was replaced with two wooden Platforms by Creative Woodwork,
Biddeford, Maine
(207-284-3131) (Although the Manhasset stand was functional, now that I had
the proper angle in mind I could have a more solid platform constructed.)

Platforms attached to Classic MidiWorks Pedalboard

All Access(s) placed on Platforms. Palace of Arts (Budapest) organ sample set by Inspired Acoustics on screen.

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